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About Us

Dubai is captivating destination that offers some of the most memorable experiences in the world. It is a vibrant city that pulsates with activity and truly never sleeps. And Stellar Homes is located right here at the heart of it!

We are a Swedish married couple living in Dubai. It has always been our dream to settle in a location that is as sophisticated and as culturally diverse as Dubai.


After years of traveling, we now call Dubai our home, and it’s our goal to provide the kind of services that live up to the city’s warmth and grace. We invite only the highest quality residences to become part of our family-owned, family-run and family-focused business. It is that high quality, along with our ‘stellar’ service, that sets apart from our competitors.


We have first-hand experience in international travel, sleeping in different hotel rooms every night and paying exorbitant rates for less than ideal service. We decided to create an environment where travelers could feel confident that they would be treated fairly and that there would always be someone waiting to welcome them when they reached their destination.




We also wanted to foster a bridge between City of Dubai and the world of short-term letting. Dubai is known for its luxury, its ability to attract wealth, and its high hotel prices. In contrast, our goal is to introduce the very best of Dubai to the rest of the world by offering more affordable accommodations with just as many amenities!

As a family run business with family values at our core, we cordially invite you to stay with us or to join us as part of our growing corporate family. In either case we warmly welcome you into the fold!

Reporting back to you


While your guests are visiting, we make sure that your home – and its contents – are fully protected, fully accounted for and fully respected Our detailed Guest Books give guests all of the information they need to enjoy their stay and not inadvertently compromise your property. We ask for feedback from every client with a focus gaining top reviews accommodation reviews. We all know how important those five-star ratings are for attracting more people!

We also pass along any helpful perspectives that clients share so that you can consider possible upgrades that might attract more visitors.  With us focused on taking care of the details – just sit back, relax and enjoy making that new extra income!