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Basic Mistakes New Airbnb Hosts Make When Starting Out

Basic Mistakes New Airbnb Hosts Make When Starting Out

Starting out as a new Airbnb host, on the other hand, actually looks easier than it actually is. While it is relatively easy to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your landlord (for tenants) and register on the DTCM and Airbnb websites, the process is actually a lot more technical than it seems to be and without adequate research and help from experienced professionals in the field, all you’ll have to show is your poor non-selling Airbnb listing.

To avoid this, you must, first of all, understand the basic mistakes new Airbnb hosts make when starting out as this will help you improve your own Airbnb listings. Knowing these mistakes is an important step towards increasing your Airbnb bookings, which will inevitably lead to higher ROIs.  


  • Poor Photo Quality


The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer when it comes to Airbnb listings. Generally, the first thing that attracts a guest to your listing is the quality of the photo on your listing. So, it goes without saying that a poor photo will hinder your listing’s chances of being booked.

When taking photos for your listing, it is important to appropriately showcase your property to give guests a fair view of what to expect. Below are a few tips to consider when taking your own listing photos:

  • Before taking pictures, be sure to clean the property thoroughly. No matter how good your camera is or how high your resolution is, pictures that feature overflowing garbage or dirty bathroom walls will always have a negative effect on your listing. It is important to show the guest the property as it will be when he/she checks in.
  • Lighting is as important as the photo’s resolution. The perfect lighting will produce the perfect conditions for the perfect photo. Open the blinds, let the sunlight in and make your property bright!
  • Don’t forget the neighborhood. This is especially important if your property’s best-selling point is the neighborhood and scenery. Guests will always want to know what the area surrounding the property looks like, so, it is important to capture the scenery to give guests a full image of what they will be paying for.
  • Let your photo captions act as a source of inspiration. Forget facts and go for the experience. Rather than captioning your photo “Balcony”, consider saying something like “With a glass of wine, breathe in the beauty and magnificence of the view”.


  • Incorrect or Misleading Listing Information


Your Airbnb listing can be likened to your resume. And everyone knows that a poorly-written resume will seldom land you the job of your dreams. In the same light, a poorly-written Airbnb listing will never get you the number of bookings you need to be successful.

Most Airbnb newbies have the tendency of rushing over their listings. In the end, however, they spend more time trying to correct mistakes which they would have avoided in the beginning. While we all understand the need to get your listings done in order to start getting bookings, making sure your listing is accurate and complete is actually more important. In creating your listing, it is important to make sure that your calendar is regularly updated, your prices are competitive and reflective of your area and that your listing includes a full list of amenities offered by your property as well as a couple of perfect photos. It is important to note that even a typographical error can cause a client to choose another listing over yours.

It is, therefore, important to be as thorough, accurate and complete as possible.


  • The absence of a Pricing Strategy


Starting off your Airbnb career without an appropriate pricing strategy is like starting any other business without a financial strategy. Pricing your Airbnb listing correctly can be a complex process which will require regular updating. In developing the perfect pricing strategy for your Airbnb listing, it is important to take the following points into consideration:

  • Avoid keeping your prices the same all the time. This is the biggest mistake you can make as an Airbnb. Prices should always be higher on weekends, special events and holidays than during weekdays. Also, depending on your area, certain months will require higher prices than others.


  • Study your competition. Search for similar properties in your area with the best reviews and study their prices. Use the information you gather to estimate your own price and optimal yearly revenue for your listing.



  • Handling all your Airbnb Business on Your Own


There is a reason such services are considered professional – they are experienced and extremely good at what they do. These services are offered by seasoned and well-trained professionals who know exactly what to do to make your Airbnb listing get the bookings you need to be successful. These services, usually offered by Property Management Companies seek to correct all the mistakes discussed above such that you start off as a Pro. Even if you are able to take your listing photos yourself, create your listing and pricing strategy, there’s still a big chance that you won’t be able to do it as these companies would – especially if you are new to Airbnb.

Usually, for a fee, these companies offer premium property management services including photography and designing, pricing strategy development, listing creation, cleaning and pre-stay, and post-stay services among others. What they do is perform the tasks and responsibilities of the host, while making sure your guests are satisfied. Also, by satisfying your guests, they help you obtain that all-powerful positive five-star review which will positively impact the reputation and ranking of your listing, and ultimately your bookings.

Stellar Homes is one of Dubai’s premier Property Management Companies, offering premium property management services including all the aforementioned, for a relatively small fee. So, if you need Airbnb hosting services in Dubai, employing the services of Stellar Homes is the first step towards a successful Airbnb hosting career.

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