FAQ’S | The Stellar Stay Holiday Homes LLC
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What does ‘Passive Income’? mean

Passive income allows you to make money without being actively involved. When you chose our property management services, your short-term rental generates income for you under our careful supervision while you go about living your life!

My property isn’t ‘city-central,’ do I still qualify?

Some guests prefer accommodations that are more rural than urban. Guests love all sorts of accommodations. We consider partnering with any property in the area. If you’re not sure whether you qualify, simply get in touch with us. Don’t be shy – we want to hear from you!

What if my guests arrive at midnight?

Whether it’s midnight, 6 a.m. or 2 a.m., we will meet guests personally, or they can access the home through our smart lock system. We also have a 24/7 helpline that so that your clients will always have access to staff – just as they would in a hotel!

How do I make money from this deal?

We will list your property across a broad spectrum of sites to drive traffic towards your business in order to boost bookings/sales. We then provide guests with personalized attention to ensure the best reviews. These reviews result in higher rankings that generate even more clients. Our share of the sales is minimal so that you can gain an impressive passive income with little or no involvement.

Why select us?

We are a quickly growing company that has already earned a solid reputation of service excellence and a consistent record of five-star reviews. We always go the extra mile so that you don’t have to! By partnering with us, you will experience the freedom and excitement of earning increased revenue with no hassle.

Above & Beyond

Can we do more for our guests? Absolutely! Just ask!
We are ready to go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy the needs of our guests. Clients have never left us feeling less than totally happy with their Dubai experience, and we fully intend to maintain this reputation into the future!

Our Approach!

With our years of industry experience, we know how manage any problem that may surface. We know what measures to take to prevent damage and misuse and how to address a situation if the worst does happen. Our vetting process means that unsuitable guests don’t get second chances and that great guests come with positive reviews of their very own.
We also use all the fail-safe methods available to ensure you are never left ‘out of pocket’. Once you have achieved a few five-star reviews of your home, you will find that problems magically disappear – but only if you take advantage of a trustworthy and reliable property management service like Stellar Homes. Don’t try to do this alone! Let us take care of your home so that you can sleep soundly knowing that everything has been taken care of – right down to dripping faucets and clean windows!