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Five Ways to Increase Your Airbnb Bookings

Five Ways to Increase Your Airbnb Bookings

Airbnb has grown rapidly over the years with more and more property owners seeking to become hosts on this online hospitality and lodging service platform. Of course, it is easy to see why everybody is so keen to be part of this exciting platform that promises excellent ROIs if you are willing and able to do what it takes to succeed. The secret to achieving success via Airbnb is by getting as many bookings on your listings as possible. After all, the more bookings you have, the more income you are going to make.

Unfortunately, this sounds a lot easier than it actually is. With over a million listings worldwide, the Airbnb marketplace is a very competitive marketplace and like all marketplaces, only the best and most committed thrive. Thriving here means getting as many bookings as possible. So, if you are wondering how you will be able to thrive against such serious competition, read on to discover five ways to increase your Airbnb bookings.

  • High-quality Photography

This is probably the most important reason why others are getting more bookings than you are. Photography is an art that tells a story through pictures. These pictures could either have one of two impressions – negative or positive. A dull and low-quality photograph of your listing will no doubt make your property less appealing to customers despite the fact that it is actually amazing in reality. It is therefore important to make sure that the images you use on your listing are of optimal quality.

Of course, nothing good comes cheap. And this statement also applies to the photos you use on your Airbnb listing. Using self-taken photographs on your listing will seldom get you half the number of listings which you will get if you employ the services of a property management company, such as Stellar Homes. For a fee, these companies employ professional photographers with vital experience in the field, who will stylize and design your property, and take photographs that will make your listing irresistible leading to a tremendous increment in your bookings.

  • Prompt Responsiveness

This is yet another very vital means of increasing your Airbnb bookings. We, all, have at one moment or the other sent an inquiry regarding a product/service to which we never got a response or got a really late response. And every second that passed by without us getting a response reduced our desire to purchase that good/service. The same holds true for Airbnb bookings. Customers are bound to book your listing if they receive prompt responses to your messages. Most customers have very limited time to arrange for lodging and if they can not get a prompt response to their inquiry concerning your listing, they are bound to move on to the next.

Also, Airbnb rewards those who are prompt to respond and penalizes those who take time to respond to inquiries. Prompt responsiveness proves to Airbnb that you are willing, ready and able and this makes your listing rank higher on the platform. On the other, poor responsiveness will cause your listing to be downgraded. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the benefits that accompany a highly-ranked listing.

  • The Power of Reviews

The power of reviews cannot be undermined. These could either have a positive or negative effect on your profile. Just like responsiveness, positive reviews make you a trustworthy host and are the backbone of all best-selling listings. The degree of trustworthiness that accompanies a profile with a host of positive reviews can almost guarantee an increased number of bookings as well as a higher ranking by Airbnb rewards.

While working this angle might prove to be more difficult for hosts, employing the services of property management companies, such as Stellar Homes, can help you obtain that all-powerful positive review you desire after each guest’s stay. For a fee, these companies cater for the needs of guests during their stay at your property, including cleaning and maintenance services, pre-stay and post-stay communication with guests (including reviewing the guest and seeking a review in return), and making sure the guest’s stay at your property is a memorable one.

  • A Truly Complete Profile

As has been mentioned above, guests are generally very busy and have a very limited amount of time to arrange for their bookings. Most of them lack the time to send an inquiry, let alone wait for a response. That is why it is important to make your profile as complete as possible. A complete profile verifies your degree of trustworthiness both to Airbnb and to guests without you having to answer any questions or respond to any queries, and this verification causes your listing to show up at the top of Airbnb’s search results, which in turn increases your bookings as more guests will view your listings.

It is therefore important to complete all the sections of your Airbnb profile and listings in order to demonstrate your level of responsibility and worthiness to host guests.

  • Keep Your Listings Updated and Fresh, and Avoid Cancellations

This applies to your listing’s description and title. The more attractive your listing, the greater your chances of being booked. While coming up with your title and description, it is important to think about what search terms/tags may be of importance to your guests, as these will help to improve your search visibility and ranking. You might want to consider keywords relevant to your city, such as touristic attractions, major landmarks, and local events.

Also, regularly update your calendar in order to keep track of your listing’s availability. This will prevent a situation wherein you miss a potential booking because all your listing’s open dates do not appear on the platform. According to Airbnb, hosts who update their calendars at least once a month are 70% more likely to get booked. Imagine how beneficial daily updates could be. Property management companies, such as Stellar Homes, offer such services to make sure hosts never miss a booking and always stay on top of the status of their listings.

There are a lot of other ways to increase your Airbnb bookings. Hosts in Dubai seeking to increase their bookings should consider employing the services of Stellar Homes – one of the most premier property management companies in Dubai offering quality property management services at affordable rates.

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