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Our Services

These services will maximize your profit!

Professional Photography

Professional photographs of your home or property will shine a light on its best features and present it in a way that will boost bookings. The more visually appealing your property appears online, the more clicks it will get and the faster your bookings will fill up.

Designer Styling

Designer styling goes hand-in-hand with professional photography. Both services help your home or property stand out for online viewing. Our designer styling services can create an ambiance that is shaped by whatever accessories you already have. Whether it’s warm, cozy, trendy or modern, we will make the most of its ‘look’ to make a positive impact on potential guests!Listing de LuxeWe will write a detailed and compelling description of your home or property and its key features. We will also list your home on 10-15 different platforms, such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking.com, FlipKey etc., for maximum exposure.

24/7 Guest Communication

We have a 24/7 response team available for booking inquiries, providing guest support, and taking care of maintenance needs. This means that reservation requests or queries are never lost to a competitor because of ‘down time’ and that emergency maintenance needs are immediately addressed. Our quick response efforts separate us from the competition and promote 100% guest satisfaction.

Guest Screening

We use a unique client screening/rating process that makes every guest feel special and is motivated to produce great reviews. We have found that guests enjoy the system and are highly likely to participate again in the future. The better a review a guest can have from a host the more likely he/she will be able to book a future home without any hassle or difficulty. *

*Guests are also identified by passports (or Emirates ID) at check-ins where we take a picture of their ID documentation and upload those to Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Cleaning & Maintenance

They are highly motivated and work from detailed cleaning check-lists. As an added token of our hospitality, our guests sleep on premium quality, high thread count sheets and are given only the fluffiest of towels because we know that every little touch makes a difference.We also have a dedicated maintenance team to take care of repairs – even in the middle of the night! During peak vacation season, this service could be vital to keeping your property in top shape. In addition, we restock consumable items like shampoo, soap, etc. and do routine maintenance tasks as well (such as changing batteries in the remote control or changing a broken light bulb). We know that details count!


Dynamic Pricing

‘Dynamic pricing’ is another way for us to say that we use the power of our algorithm software to adjust your property’s price per night according to a formula that will increase the revenue and occupancy rate by between 10% and 40%.

Our system will trigger the price to increase during peak seasons, special events, holidays and any variation in enquiry and booking activity for your home, nearby homes, hotels and other properties we manage. In some cases, prices will temporarily decrease. For example, our software will lower the price slightly when an ‘open’ date gets closer and is still not booked. Also, when a property is first listed and has no reviews or guest stays on Airbnb, we may lower the price until we receive enough five-star reviews to climb up in the search results. All of this is to make sure your property always comes out on top!

Around the clock check-in and check-out

After a day of traveling, nothing exasperates new guests more than not being able to access their rental property. Under our management, we will make sure that someone meets new guests in person to welcome them, complete the verification process, and take them on a guided tour of your property. We’ll also review host rules and provide recommendations for local attractions and resources. In addition, we work with ‘Smart Locks’ and 24/7 ‘self-check-in’ for extra convenience.

Guest Book

Before we list a home or property, we study every detail that a guest might need to know to make his/her stay trouble-free and relaxing. This includes the locations of all switches, light sources, audio/video remote controls, access codes and Wi-Fi passwords. We also note how each item is stored in your kitchen so that it is returned to the correct place, and we take time to learn how trash and recycling is handled. All of this information is compiled in a comprehensive guest book along with our 24/7 emergency number just in case there is a need for immediate help.